“Coach for Life Mastery”

Marcie Anderson Mastery

“When I started up again with yoga/ meditation I was fortunate to have Marcie as my spiritual guide Her teaching is rich with knowledge, love and humor. She is humbly beautiful inside and out. Her gift continues to enter my life exactly when I need it the most.”  S. Z.

“I came to Marcie because I had such fear, stage fright, and my future opera career depended upon me being able to audition. After a few sessions with Marcie, which were very insightful, healing and that brought such confidence and peace, I nailed my audition and got into the prestigious school I had always dreamed of. I’m forever thankful!”  M. J.

Marcie and meditation have changed my life. My crazy monkey mind has calmed, I’m more relaxed and peaceful and enjoying life instead of stressing over the big and small things!  L.F.C.

Thank you so much. Your teachings helped keep me grounded and calm, constantly feeling safe, and most importantly, fearless. Anytime I felt my anxieties creeping up, I tried to remember everything you’ve taught me so far. B. Krupp

In Person or FaceTime sessions by appointment
North Palm Beach, FL