It takes a lot to begin a meditation practice. It takes even more effort to stick with it, even when it feels like it’s not working. Wherever you are at on the meditation spectrum, it makes sense that you would want to enjoy the fruits of your aim, right? Heck, ya!

But how to go about this? Burn more incense than usual? Speak to your dream catcher before each meditation? Put on some funky gong music for background effect? Nope, nope and again nope. Is the major problem that you feel intimidated by meditation, knowing your monkey mind feels impossible to calm? Are you addicted to your phone and social media and the very thought of being disconnected even for 15 minutes scares you? Do you feel unworthy and that you will fail at having a meaningful meditation practice?

Isn’t it interesting that humanity argues for its limitations? We feel defeated even before we begin an interest or hobby, but why? The greatness of having a consistent meditation practice in your life first and foremost clears away the mind clutter, the personal blocks, and the learned limitations that are keeping you stuck where you’re at. You don’t want to remain stuck, but how do you get out of the rut you’re in?

There are profound, super-charged ancient spiritual practices rooted in pure divine knowledge millennia old, that offer an experience of a successful personal experience based mediation practice. These channels and disciplines I speak of, I learned first hand directly from my teacher of over 15 years, via ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India. Since I was able to study and practice with him, now I ambassador pure spiritual teachings and meditation techniques, relatable and practical for the craziness and challenges that humanity now faces.

Is it possible to have your meditation practice meet you where you’re at, every time you drop in? Yes. The only thing that gets in the way of your practice is you, your ego. There is a process of soul purification and a letting go of the ego as well. Trust the process.

Did you ever wonder why you’ve only heard of a handful of saints, avatars and spiritual masters, compared to multiple thousands? Why is that? Why is it we’ve never known what they studied and practiced in order to get them to the higher levels they achieved. Doesn’t this strike you as odd? Well, it’s time for this to change. The numbers need to tip in the other favor. It’s time to take an active part in creating yourself and your life as a success. Victory comes with discipline, consistency, the right knowledge and a clear authenticity of intention. Anything great takes time and effort. Anything that feels impossible IS possible with focus. There is no such thing as ‘drive thru enlightenment.’ Sorry to break it to you.

Mentally prepare for everything and anything. How do you achieve the higher divine channels of Brahma Consciousness stages? Meditation. You need two things; love and power. Said another way, you need an open heart, faith and dedication to your meditation practice. You also need the right, pure knowledge to support your practice of meditation. Period.

So, back to you and to harnessing your inherent super power. How long will your greatness take to become revealed? One part, that is in your hands, and one part it’s not. You will have divine support, as long as you ask for it. Again, the key to your spiritual progress is having an open heart. Start there.

Make up your mind to begin a meditation practice then stick with it.

Reach for the most powerful knowledge and tools available, such as specific mantras and pure teachings to support your daily practice.

Open your heart. Trust the process. Relax into your meditation and leave the results to The Divine.

There is a pure light hidden in you, a divine spark. Find it through meditation. You are more powerful than you know. It’s time to wake up. Get out of your own way and allow your inherent greatness to be revealed.

“Everything is possible. All of creation is in you. For every problem, a solution. For every disease, a cure. The right knowledge is needed, immortal knowledge as ancient as the stars. The same knowledge the great masters knew. When you know this, you know the greatness in that is in you. When you know the greatness in you, together we will change the world!”