America Meditating Radio Show features four incredible voices who value India and share what they have learned from India. You will also hear some of its aches and triumphs.

Part I will feature wellness engineer Indy Rishi Singh who brings yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices to local law enforcement, underserved youth and Fortune 500 companies and Mohnish Malhotra, who spearheaded the first gay pride parade and reform in India.

Part II will feature Marcie Anderson, an American corporate wellness consultant who spent 10 years in India and feels she has been born in India and Grammy Award winning music composer and environmentalist, Ricky Kej. These segments will offer some special insights into the heart and culture of India and why it could become the next Golden Age.

In these shows, you will learn about Karma, Meditation, Being Yourself, the Environment, Values, Food and Smiles.

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