Biggest Small Things Podcast

with Renee Manning

This week I have the pleasure of sharing my conversation with Marcie Anderson, an author, healer, and meditation teacher. Marcie’s daughter Adi also joins us. Together we have a discussion on using the elements of nature to help achieve balance. You will hear about how at the age of seven, Marcie was with her older brother at the moment he died of Leukemia. This was a life-altering experience which left her with many questions. Years later it led her to India where she spent ten years studying with a spiritual teacher learning mediation.

During the second half of our conversation, we discuss Marcie’s book, Are We There Yet? Each chapter of the book explains nature’s five elements: earth, fire, sky, water, air, and how these relate to who we are. Marcie explains with the help of meditation you can use the elements to keep yourself in balance.

As you can gather from the discussion, the Fire Element chapter really hit home for me and the one I was most drawn toward. I hope after listening to our conversation or reading Marcie’s book you can also find your elemental balance. As Marcie explained, meditation is the best medication because it allows you to dive deep within yourself to the core of who you are.

Show Highlights

  • All about the Earth element and how it is our body, our bones, and our flesh.
  • We learn about the Fire element and how it represents our passion and temperament.
  • The Sky element and how it is all around us.
  • The Water element is the liquid of our body, our blood, and our tears.
  • The Air element symbolizes our breath and our consciousness.
  • When one element is out of balance find the counter element to level yourself out.

“You have to honor yourself, you see, because if you don’t honor yourself, you’re not honoring your five elements, not honoring yourself or your heart or soul. And all of those are together in one.” Marcie Anderson