Fear. What is it? Where does it come from? Why do we allow it in? Like a switch getting flipped, we can too easily go from feeling confident, secure and clear to feeling fearful just by hearing some negative news, word of world tragedy, or negative gossip-especially if it’s about us. And here it is…we begin spiraling downwards. We can feel it in our gut.

          Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is a choice, but there’s a bit more to the story.  We experience that sickening feeling fear provokes course through our bodies, and in the moment it feels more real than anything in our lives. We went from ease, peace and a sense of expansion, to restricted and tight tunnel vision, feeling suffocated and paralyzed. So now what?

          Meditation with mantra is the soul medicine and remedy for all fear based energy experiences, whether it’s something negative or hurtful someone said to you or about you, some traumatic incident you witnessed or were involved in, or a random negative thought that popped into your head. Meditation…really? Yes!  Here’s why. In order to very powerfully get out from the energetic grip of fear, a higher vibration is needed. There is no force greater than unconditional pure love. That is Source, Nature, the Supernatural Cosmic, God.

          Let me walk you through this. Millennia ago, the great masters, Rishis and Maharishis found, tested then recorded spiritual knowledge and mantras they received directly from Source. No kidding. Why? Not only was it their duty, their dharma to do this for themselves, but also because they knew the bleak outlook humanity would face in the future. That future is now. We’re in it! So a shortcut method was needed-mantra meditation is the fastest way to gain strength in the soul, to kick out negativity and fear, and to regain connection to Source energy. The ancient knowledge is here again on the planet because we need it. If you’re experiencing a headache, you don’t wait three days to hope it goes away. You pop a couple aspirin and your headache is gone in about an hour. If you’re consumed by fear, heartbreak, stress and anxiety, you want to feel and be better now, not sometime in the future. Life is short, make it sweet. It’s your choice…