Before I go into how to do this, focus your consciousness forward, it is important to lay the groundwork of why this is a very important tool, then how to implement it into creation, in order to manifest what you want or need into your life.

Let’s begin at where you are at. Like being in a mall and looking at the directory of all the stores inside the ginormous structure, there is a little red dot, claiming “you are here.” Ok, so you are here. What does that mean? Where are you at right here, right now in your life? What are you made up of?

At the moment you are the past, you are your experiences and your blocks. You are thinking that you are your past. You are believing, from a practiced vibration of emotions that trigger your blocks, i.e.; anger, heartbreak, lack of confidence, lack of faith, having a doubting nature, selfishness, etc.  Certain things, words, actions may tigger the feeling of separation from others but what is deeper, what lies at the core of you, is the feeling of separation from Source, The Divine. That is scary and it hurts. It creates unease, fear, doubt…and so it begins.

But here’s where it gets powerful! Right here and right now you get to implement one of your superpowers; free will. You get to proclaim in your heart right now, that you decide to make a different choice, now that you can see you are living from the past. Read that again. You are living from the past. Change it!

You are a creator and you always have been.  Haven’t you heard, “if you want to see change in the world, first change yourself.”  Yes! You get to change everything about you in the moment and rinse and repeat. Do this with an open heart, from clarity and do it time and time again until you truly become what you intend. There is no magic wand, there is no magic fairy dust you should be waiting for in order to change your life and THIS world. It starts with you and with your connection to Source.

How. Sit or lay down and be at ease. Breathe. Breathe more. Feel your body relax. Soften your resistance to yourself-your blocks, your ego and your monkey mind. Just be aware of these distractions (because that is what they are), then breathe again. Feel your heart open. If you are outside (preferred), listen to the sounds in nature. If you are inside, imagine being out in your favorite nature spot. What are the sounds, the smells, the feeling of this place? Drop your expectations of what this meditation will be, or what results you want. Get out of your own way. Why do you think it will or should go a certain way? Allow the Divine to step in and guide you along this experience.

In your attention to anything, you receive more of it. So, what you focus on becomes stronger. Focus on nature, your breath, and simply being in the moment. Begin to recite a mantra internally, without mind to how to say it or how to breathe. Just be. Do you need a mantra? Try Om Namashivaya, or try Om Hum.  Both of these mantras call upon the elements in nature. At the time you are reciting these internally, the high divine vibration of these mantras go to work on you, and by this I mean, the mantra alone helps to ‘de-charge’ you of anxiety, fear, stress, sadness, etc., and at the same time, attract to you light, healing, love, joy, and bliss.

You are focusing your consciousness, your Infinite Intelligence, into creation or beingness.  Make sense? There is no altering this simple practice of meditation and manifestation. You are doing it! You are connecting to your Higher Self, your Source Self, and with your focus you are pulling to you (into creation) something you want to release and something you want to gain.

One of the most powerful things you can do to set yourself up for each day, is upon waking, remember your Self and that you are a divine creator by design. You’ve always been this way, so now decide to implement your energy and power focused in a positive way.  Is it possible to create heaven on earth? Absolutely. It starts with each one of us, and the more you meditate to create good, light, truth, love and healing, the more greater humanity and all beings and animals receive the same. This is a team effort! Great change is afoot. Great light and love and healing is ready to flood the planet. You can help this in a profound way! Let’s go! Let’s do this together now.  Give gratitude after each meditation. You are guided and protected as long as you remember to ask for these things.

There has never and I mean never, been a time like this on the planet before. This is off the charts existence, so let’s steer this ship in the right direction together. The positive results will seem almost instantaneous. Humanity deserves to realize, to live and to experience the real life God/Source intended. If you want to be the light, focus on the light and then the light becomes you.