How often do you feel at peace, content, grateful? Do you find your focus is more on fear, lack and stress? Did you know you are extremely powerful, and when focused and coming from a place of love, you can help create anything you desire?

You have heard this before but it deserves to be repeated: Your life grows in the direction  of your thoughts. Everything starts with a thought. And I mean, everything.  Next, from thought comes emotion, expression, and action.

The reason the majority of humanity feels adrift, lost, disconnected or angry, is because what truly lies in our hearts does not get the chance to be expressed or lived. How sad! This feels terrible…I know. There is a misalignment that creates a war within. What is in your heart gets confused, blocked or defeated by the mind-stemming from doubt, unworthiness or lack of confidence, which creates this rollercoaster reality that is a hell.

By creation, you came fully equipped with all that Source gave you. You just need to access the time tested tools and practices to help you tap into your limitless self. Sound too good to be true. Keep listening. It’s not enough to want a better life, career, partner, etc., you need to apply specific techniques daily. But not to worry. This is where I come in, and The School of Mastery.

I used t olive a life, feeling as though I was chasing my tail, except that my tail was on fire. I had no peace, no satisfaction. Nothing seemed to work or fit. On the surface, everything seemed to be magical, but in reality, it was a hot mess at best. I was able to share my story in my book, “Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People”, as my teacher guided me to write. He said to me, “just speak your truth and experiences, it’s enough. It will help people.”

There was this burning desire to find a teacher, a master level teacher who could guide me to my own experiences of life and all that this creation is made up of. Today, I am a completely transformed person. Don’t get me wrong, I still spill coffee on my shirt and face frustrations in life, but I act from, speak from and come from a place of alignment with Source, from clarity, power and peace, that was not there before my decade and a half spent living with, studying and practicing the pure, non-polluted ancient knowledge with my teacher. Now it’s my turn.

I am available for whoever is ready to shed the old and tired and to embrace the new. There is an entirely beautiful and amazing life right at your fingertips. Allow me to guide and lead you to your own breakthrough. We are not meant to simply get by in life. We are here to thrive and to each moment, create the life and reality we choose. Life is now. Let’s go!