Ways to Work Together



Marcie SpeakingMarcie offers a unique blend of teacher and speaker, bridging knowledge and practices of the East for the West. Marcie brings relevant, time-tested and lasting results to her clients, students and audiences. HOW? When non-polluted, pure ancient spiritual knowledge is combined with direct personal experience, a profound lightening bolt strikes. 


1. Your Daily Drop In: Five steps to intention setting through connection to your highest and best self. (*recorded session to be available soon)


2. Exploratory Session:. (Zoom Session; 25 minutes) Setting sales/performance goals for next quarter or next year? When you’re on time you’re already late. How to get ahead of the curve? This NO COST session, by appointment, will bring to light the gaps and obstacles in the way. Once awareness is realized, a personalized process is developed to enhance and empower epiphanies, breakthroughs and abilities, affecting all aspects of work, home and life.


3. Engaged and Onboard:  (Zoom, FaceTime, Conference Call, Phone) You have had direct experience that these methods and practices work, and work very well! You’re ready for deeper teaching, discovery and implementation.  By appointment and in a small pod-group setting (3 persons max per pod), you get live leadership and mastery coaching & teaching, 2x a month.  $300/person per month

4. Advanced:  (Phone, FaceTime) You’re ready. You were born ready! There’s a quicker pace to your acceleration and you have no more time to waste. These individual sessions are a deep dive into an entirely new method focused on but not limited to: 

Developing Positive Habits

Awareness Through Your Highest Self

Defeating Limited Beliefs/Thoughts

Gaining A New Strength

Attention & Intention Aligned


Sessions are consecutive, 3 back to back weekly, 50 minutes, individual only.  $750 paid in full