Homeostasis. Noun. The definition: the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.

            But wait…there’s that feeling again. You know it all too well. It’s the feeling of having your stomach flip, followed by an increased heart rate, nervousness, feeling shaky or even nauseous. What caused it this time? Was it an unexpected text, was it hearing something on the news that struck fear in your heart, were you passed up again for that raise, or was it running into your ex while he or she was on a date with a new partner?

            Over 80% of humanity suffers from heartbreak, and most of the 80% includes people who have experienced multiple heartbreak. After a certain point, it begins to affect you on the soul level too. Can you experience being soul broken? Yes. Can this be reversed or healed? Yes.

            Having the rare opportunity to study and practice directly with my teacher of over 17 years; a saint and avatar, was a priceless gift. I gained in depth, rare and pure spiritual knowledge based on the Channels of Creation, based in the elements of nature and God, Source.  In order to offer teaching, guidance and support to my global clients and students, I had to walk through the fire myself. At times it was very intense-I’m not going to sugar coat it.  My ego was used to running the show and it didn’t want to get booed off stage without putting up a strong fight.

            Experiencing my personal blocks, my vulnerability and illusion of limitation was brutal to say the least. Who was I really? What thoughts were mine and which ones were going from others? What life did I truly want to live? What life did I really want? Granted, I lived in southern India to study with my teacher for ten years in the prime of my life, so obviously a deeper part of me was very clear on what my life path was. But there was this part of me, which felt like ‘the other me’, that didn’t want to give in to this deep, rapid and powerful transformation…and yet I DID! So, on went the drama and waves of ego death, glimpses of my true self, and everything in between.

            Eventually, when I came out the other side, I was grateful beyond imagination. I learned that the study of the pure knowledge coupled with meditation not only helps to purify personal blocks, quiets the mind thoughts, heals limitations and fear, it helps to re-charge on all levels and strengthens the soul. Honestly, I became a new person and I realized the value of such a gift immediately. There is no greater gift than that of an ego death coupled with enlightenment.

            When life seemingly kicks us in the shin, what do we do? Typically we react, and usually in a negative way, thus perpetuating the attraction of additional negativity to us. It’s a nightmare hamster wheel for sure! When we are in that energy and negative mindset it is not the time to take a call or send an email. Bad things can happen. The best and most positive thing you can do is sit back a moment, breathe, close your eyes, meditate, get in to the space of having your heart open. I can already feel the objections to this-“I am at work, I can’t do that”, or “I’m in my car, I can’t meditate.”

            Pay attention to how often you argue for your current state. How often do you allow yourself to try something new? Is it so important for you to be right, that you risk being vulnerable and brutally honest instead?  You can hide from others for a time, but you can’t hide the inner truth of yourself to yourself forever. Like a volcano, it will blow, no doubt. The question remains, when? What objections do you have that keep you stuck where you’re at, and to remain on your hamster wheel instead of considering there’s a better way?  We create our own reality, plain and simple. We attract what we are and rarely what we want to become. We have created a Jekyl and Hyde persona, we are unhappy and unsatisfied, yet we fight tooth and nail to stay that way, while secretly inside screaming for help and guidance out of the jumbled maze that is our life.  No wonder stress, anger, anxiety and insomnia are at an all time high!

            Homeostasis of the soul IS possible. The pearl is for you to realize you are a co-creator. Period. Your thoughts, intentions, words and actions create your world. There is no blame, no shame. To become what you truly desire, you have to follow a clear map, and one that can get you where you want to be in the shortest time possible. Does this really exist? YES. You need an accomplished guide who offers a combination of soul-systematic knowledge and teachings, time spent in silence and in nature, and in meditation. You have no idea the beauty, light and power you possess until you allow your thoughts to become purified. This burns negative karma. Do you think it’s time to allow your life to fall into place in a positive way? It’s your call.