“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

In the world of martial arts and deeper levels of spirituality, the concept of having a teacher or mentor is practically a given. We’ve all seen the movies and t.v. shows with the similar storyline-there’s a person who is either the underdog of life who needs to toughen up and gain some skills, or who gets recognized by the master who then helps uncover that person’s undiscovered greatness, then through training becomes a phenom.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the elite workforce of upper management and executive echelon who have seemingly unlimited access to famous coaches for their benefit. These coaches offer value in helping individuals in areas of improved productivity and/or learning how to work well with other management teams, etc.

But here’s the key: you need to play your part in attracting the right leader/teacher/mentor. So, how do you do that?

To be honest, I was very fortunate to attract and find my teacher, and only him. I didn’t, like many have, go from teacher to teacher seeking what I wanted, only to walk away disappointed. I attracted my teacher with the very depths of my heart and soul because at least at the time, I knew I wanted to study and learn from the BEST.

Today I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I provide my clients the unique blend of leadership mastery of East meets West and beyond, that “The School of Mastery” offers executives, leaders, those who wish to become leaders, professional athletes, groups and various organizations because of my teacher.

Life offered me many opportunities prior to study with specialized offshoot modalities which in turn, earned me various valuable certifications. But none of these past experiences came even close to the level of knowledge I earned and practiced for more than a decade and a half, with my teacher, a recognized master and avatar. I gained an untouchable, unparalleled level of training that for those who wish to go to the top of the mountain, are able to do so now with the support of the practices and tools I ambassador.

It’s too simple to hire a coach who supports you staying stuck and un-empowered. It’s too easy to say, ‘tomorrow.’ It’s too easy to keep playing hide and seek with yourself and your life and others-there’s no growth in that. There’s no risk. Growth takes dedication, determination, patience, faith and practice.

Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy. Are you worth fighting for? Is your life and your relationships with others, family, and yourself not worth finally taking the decision to make a difference? It is a choice. Do you choose to stay where you are at now or do you choose growth, expansion, and greater awareness? This life is a gift. It is short. Don’t trust the time.