In order to understand how you show up in your life, there first needs to be a greater level of awareness in order to achieve the higher levels of consciousness.

There. That’s it. I could end my writing with that pearl of truth in what I just shared, but I will elaborate a bit.

What does awareness mean to you? Are there different levels of awareness? What does consciousness mean to you? Can you attain higher levels of consciousness while lacking awareness? What in you do you see to be the roadblocks that keep your desired life, success, and positive, loving relationships just out of reach? Do you have a blaming nature? Is your heart closed? Do you suffer from unworthiness and a lack of confidence? Do you doubt anything and everything? Make a list, be boldly honest, while being compassionate and loving with yourself, then just sit with the list for a minute.

Like most people who continue to ignore their inner roadblocks, do not be like them! Step up, stand in the reality of the illusion, and embrace the rare opportunity to come face to face with the shadow parts of yourself. Take a deep breath, you got this.

You can choose to continue to shore up your blocks and push them deep inside you, but for how long, how far, and why?  It’s exhausting to prolong hiding from yourself and others. It’s like this. It’s as if you are two different beings; the part of you that you sweep under the rug, and the part of you that feels authentic, confident, and true.

It feels good to feel good, right?! Are you aware that when you are out in the world, maybe at work, or out with some friends, if you are coming from the shadow part of yourself, others can sense it? Ok, maybe not everyone, but much like how a dog can sense fear in another animal or a human, others around you feel when you are showing up messy. 

So here’s a question only you can answer: is it time to face your inner blocks so they can become powerless through the support of mediation, teachings and increased peace, or do you need a bigger rug?