It’s all too common that once struck by a voltage of inspiration, a proclamation of great intent follows. At this point you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. That intention can be positive or negative. For the sake of my audience I will focus on the positive and shed some light on why veering away from the negative is always a win-win.

Let’s walk through this together: Thought brings inspiration, and from inspiration an idea or plan comes into form. Once this spark of energy takes form into a plan or idea, the intention becomes real. The scope of intention can be great, from “I will stop working late nights so that I can spend quality time with my significant other/family because I want to put more love into and receive more love from my relationships”, to “I will from now on create strong boundaries around people in my life that are fear-based and negative.”

To reference a few of The 7 Spiritual Laws, these ring true to help make my point:

#3) You are the power that creates everything in your life; like attracts like.

#5) When you take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions, you take mastery of your life. You’re able to respond appropriately to all you experience.

#7) The moment you gain clarity, you can take decisions. This moves the Universal Energy to assist you so you can progress with strength. If your intention is pure, you can earn no karma whatsoever the outcome.

So, how do you gain clarity in the first place in order to  direct that spark of creation energy? Meditation. Silence. Peace. Nature. Love. Develop a meditation practice-one if need be, light guided meditation, but best is silent with internal chanting of mantra. You’ve got to arrive at a place where silence is comfortable. Silence holds the key to everything…no joke.  From the silence, the peace will come, and from the peace, the success will follow. When you’re floating in the peace, your true nature is exposed.  Yes, starting out your meditation physically IN nature is the best- this helps you connect to the vibrations faster.   Are you ready for the frosting? LOVE.

From the most ancient spiritual teachings and knowledge of the Vedas, the focus was on Creation, Nature, and Soul Mechanisms. So there’s an actual soul mechanism that activates from meditation once you open your heart. Think on this for a moment… There is a primordial mechanism and activation that naturally occurs once you open your heart and come from love. Once you infuse love into ALL you do, you’ve successfully and very powerfully reshaped your life in every angle. There is no magic pill, vacation, car, outfit, or spa treatment that will come close to the power you were born with. You just have to learn how to put it all together in order to kick your life, dreams, business and relationships into the next and highest level. You got this!

Once your open heart pulls the clarity through your intentions and mediations, you have a path to carry out your desires. Take care to use your energy in a positive way-create no negative karma. Hold strong to the truth of integrity of your manifested reality by keeping your word, first to yourself then to others. If you can think it, you can see it. If you can see it, you can create it.