What do you know? What don’t you know? As Socrates once said, “ One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.” Socrates was no slouch, so where does that leave you and I? What did he mean by what he said? As we know, the pen is mightier than the sword because the written word lives on well beyond the sword.

As this relates to my neighborhood of study and knowledge, I have to believe Socrates meant a much deeper truth to his proclamation. Who are you? What do you know? What truly matters about what you know and how does it serve not only you but to the positive betterment of others? Think deeply on these questions.  What is the truth? What does that even mean?

When working with students and clients, these questions and more surface, and they are meant to provoke deeper thinking but not only from the mind, deeper into the soul, higher self and consciousness. To give an example, the majority of the time, I have my students and clients do an exercise on Gratitude. Yep, Gratitude. Can you, off the top of your head, rattle off 10 things you’re grateful for? Yes? Great! No, why? What’s the hesitation?

Throughout life we gather a LOT of information, learning, experience and lessons, that in part, shape us into who we are today. Whether it be many degrees of higher study, hands on experience from multiple jobs, or inter-personal skills and communication. All of this is wonderful, but it’s not the magic I’m getting at.

What is it deep inside of you that you’d like answers to? How do you find them? How can you trust the answers you receive? Meditation. The right meditation practice guides you home to your higher You, or Self. All of the answers you’re seeking and searching for lie within. You can continue to run here and there and read more and more, listening to talks and going to retreats-by all means, if they serve you, continue! But if you’ve been at this for awhile and you’re not satisfied nor at peace, adopt a meditation practice and process that feeds you the knowledge AND experience of the energy you’re desiring.  Is this a long, drawn out process? Will it cost me many hundreds or thousands of dollars? It doesn’t need to. It does require you showing up for you. It does require you to get brutally honest with yourself. This may conjure up some fear in you, but why? Would you rather remain in fear of facing your anger, lack of confidence or heartbreak in order to heal from it and move on, or are you finally ready to begin living instead of surviving?

It’s all a choice. Write down 3 questions of what you don’t know and sit with them for a few days. If after 3 days they are still knocking at your soul and heart doors, reach out. I’m here for you. Let’s do this!