Manifestation. Law of Attraction. Positive Thinking. Truth. Meditation. You’ve heard of these, right? Maybe you even practice one or more of them? Is any of it worth it? Does any of this work?

I want to take you through a quick exercise. No, it doesn’t require yoga pants or any light stretching…relax. It does require sheer self honesty though.  Here we go.  Think of each one of these again, one-by-one:

  •           Manifestation
  •           Law of Attraction
  •           Positive Thinking
  •           Truth
  •           Meditation

As you slowly recite them internally, take your time, breathe, and as you do, observe your reactions. Did your breathing change? What are you feeling? Did you get stuck on one of them?  Did the voice in your head accept this exercise? What internal dialogue was triggered? If you had to score this exercise, how many positive responses did you have and how many negative?

In my work, more often than not, my clients and students are #teammeditation, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t face their personal blocks bubbling up the more they attempt to clean up their negative thoughts, dedicate more time to a consistent meditation practice, and just overall, be a more positive human being.

Here’s the juice. ALL of the above mentioned examples in the exercise I had you do, will not get you the life you desire unless you follow a standard spiritual law in order:

Meditation~Find a meditation practice centered around peace, silence and mantra. This practice must strengthen your connection to Nature/Source. You should feel the energy and reach trance stages at some point within a 20 minute meditation.

Build the Energy~Your meditation practice will do this, and more. Meditation with specific mantra will simultaneously “de-charge” stress, negativity, anxiety, fear, anger, self-doubt, and more. This is a turning point in your spiritual practice because unless you can access high, divine energies to enhance and strengthen your soul in a positive way, its next to impossible to purify the high levels of fear and negativity based energies.

Direct Your Energy~I’m talking your soul energy here from your meditation practice. Direct it! “See” in your minds’ eye the picture of what you want to create- spiritual, material or both. Fuel this image with your love, heart and inspiration, then as if throwing it out into nature, release it to Source. Send it out into the Universe with faith, peace, and belief that it will manifest. It will!

Rinse, Shake it Out, Repeat~One-by-one, be V E R Y specific in your imagery,  and again, while meditating, release another desire or intention just as before. Remain positive, patient and inspired. Do NOT allow the negative energies to creep in.  You got this!

Practice Gratitude~How often do you spend even one minute in your day, in gratitude? Out of twenty-four hours in a day, are you dedicating even five minutes to being thankful for all that you have and all that is to come?  How do you truly change your life? Change the vibration of you, then you will attract what you desire. Got it? Sound easy? It’s not. It takes some work, honesty and dedication. Positive change requires focus, concentration and discipline. But I have faith in you. You’re here reading this so hey-you’re already about 80% there! Honest…

Put it all into perspective. If you don’t have the job, relationships, vacations, spiritual practice or home you desire, make it happen. Apple your power in a positive way. Reach out to me if you need some coaching, but I am confident you can do this! #yougotthis