By now you’ve spent enough time wanting to meditate, to learn how, and to put your phone down long enough to invite in peace, quiet, calm. Sigh…that sounds sooo gooood!

So there you are, sitting in ‘the position’ to meditate and you are feeling pretty good about starting. You take a deep breath and feel like so much time has already passed by! You look at your phone or watch and it’s been a minute and a half-you get distracted and feel like well, it was a start!  You get up and go about your day having gained nothing from what a true meditation practice offers.

Attention~Intention~No Tension

So here’s the GOOD news. You can sit in a chair, you can lay down, you can sit cross legged on he floor- you get to decide which is most comfortable to meditate. Set up your space (yes, be intentional) with flowers, candles, incense, and any pictures of Divine Beings/Saints/Nature images that open your heart. Have your attention on yourself, your practice.

Why are you meditating? What are you feeling, or nota allowing yourself to feel? What is in your heart that makes you feel you want to connect to your higher self?  What is your aim, your intention?  You get to ask The Divine, The Almighty, God/Goddess for anything spiritual, material or both! Make it simple though…no need to read off a laundry list of wishes.  SEE your intentions in your mind. We see in pictures and we feel these images as we allow our emotions to bring life into them.  Your imagination is the doorway to meditation.

You are breathing, not trying. You are present, not thinking (distraction will happen) about what you will be doing later in the day. When distractions or noises arise, notice them and let them go.  Chillax. No tension. Connect back to your breath and focus on a mantra. Here’s one for anyone at any level of meditation:  Om Namashivaya

How Do I Know it Worked?

You may be able to sit or lay down peacefully for 30 minutes and meditate. You may start with 9 minutes of meditation. Set a time, set an alarm if you need to manage your schedule, then allow the internal chanting of the mantra to take over. Your duty is to show up, open your heart to The Divine, to God, then to relax. 

What if I fall asleep, Marcie?  Awesome! Gold star!  Wait, what?… You heard me. Meditation, when focused in your heart and on God, while chanting a mantra (seed sound that carries a higher vibration than you currently are), allows your mind to have a chore (chanting), while your soul and Brahma Consciousness get to liven up, free from the tight and limiting mind thoughts.

I Can Sleep!

It’s very similar to sleep, yes.  After some time, you will be awake yet very much in a trance. you will feel yourself present and floating at the same time. This is a bliss state of being that you are naturally! You are, by meditating, allowing your true nature to regain strength, connection and power from Source. Meditation is a consciousness act of strengthening your soul energy.  A strong soul energy allows the fear and negativity of life to roll right off your back.  Meditation is THE key to your re-connection to your limitless self.