One of the first things people say to me in response to my question, “Do you meditate?”, is “No, I can’t quiet me crazy mind… but I do have an app on my phone…”  As you can see, this makes no sense. It’s really more of a non-answer and more of a plea in disguise to have me drop the subject all together.

          Humankind loves rewards! We love treats, gifts and free stuff. We love to win. Is meditation a competition that bears profit? Yes, minus the whole competition portion. But I’m not going to speak an untruth, so here goes…meditation is a discipline and with everything new that we take on, there’s a learning curve that requires commitment and consistency. With these, plus a little patience, you will reap a positive bounty sooner than you may think possible.

          Let’s get to the WHY and the WHAT regarding meditation. Ask yourself some deeper truths, Why are you choosing meditation now, in this point in your life? What’s happened? What’s not going right in your life? What do you hope to gain, or to be rid of through the help of a meditation practice? Are you ready for the fantastic news regarding meditation? Aside from the fact that having a consistent meditation practice helps to activate and heal parts of your brain/mind, which is by the way, no small feat, there’s a plethora of other positive benefits. Silent meditation (with a mantra) brings greater peace and calm. It slows down your breathing which slows down your heartbeats, your pulse, and helps relieve stress, anxiety, and fear based thoughts. Meditation brings sharper mental acuity, and helps activate deeper levels of creativity. Internal mantra meditation works on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, even to the highest possible levels of the consciousness. Even if you don’t know what that is, meditation is helping in all of these ways anyway! Healing of fear, negativity and limited beliefs or limited thinking become purified, healed- even the healing of heartbreak is possible. What else can offer you the opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button in your life, allowing you to in a sense, go back in time to the point you had not experienced heartbreak in the first place, therefore making it very difficult to attract it to you in the present? It all depends on your intention. Read that again. You have to have a clear intention, aim for your meditation-each time you meditate.

          Can you begin to to see how the world you wish to live in and the life and people in it you desire to have, greatly depend upon you, your faith, patience and discipline with your meditation practice? As if these positive benefits weren’t enough, guess what else begins to become attracted to you? More Good.  More love.  It’s true. Try it and you’ll see for yourself. If you’re having a little trouble, let me help. That’s what I’m here for. Happy meditation…