What You Think Matters More Than You Think

Day and night, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, negativity and karma. These are things that go together and in most cases, cannot be separated. Regarding negativity and karma, it’s very important to understand that you are a co-creator, and these two things can never be separated.You hold incredible power-maybe you know this to be true, maybe you don’t. As a co-creator of your life, your thoughts and imagination become the gateway to ALL manifestation. Thoughts become ideas and intentions, then all ideas and intentions become actions.

What is negativity and how is it born? All negative energy like anger, jealousy, hate, greed, inflated ego, doubt, unworthiness, selfishness, insecurity, and having a blaming nature are all born out of fear. What is karma and is it real? Is karma just a spiritual buzz word to make it seem like you know what you’re talking about? Karma is real and no one escapes his or her karma, regardless of what you think otherwise. Karma means, action to reaction in ALL aspects of creation; thought, intention, spoken word, action and reaction. When it comes to Creation, Source Energy, God/Goddess, and checks and balances regarding karma, there is no stone left unturned. There is no super power anyone has to escape karma, so put your homemade cape away…

Before you get all tense and nervous about the light being shined on you and your current state of life, I’ve got incredibly positive and good news! Aside from the negative aspects of your personality that have been causing a tornado of negative karma, you possess the ultimate kill switch of choice. Like the touch of a button, you can in every moment, choose differently. You can choose positively, based in love, compassion, patience, and non-judgement, forgiveness and not blaming anyone else for anything. When you act in this newly positive love-based energy and manner, your negative/bad karma shifts quickly to positive/good. It’s that easy…

So, does it count as negative karma to be directly enjoyed by you just by listening  to and becoming sucked into negative gossip about someone else? Yes. Wait…what?!  You heard me. Even if you choose to believe negative talk/gossip about someone else and you then decide to make that your truth about that person, based solely on what you heard from someone else, you receive that hefty bill of negativity and bad karma that you must enjoy, quicker than a drone could fly over your house and drop it on your door step.

Shifting back to my favorite, the positive and happy ending, remember that you have a choice, in every moment. You also have the faculties of clear reasoning and clarity of thinking for yourself. So do yourself a favor the next time you hear something negative about someone else. Take a step back, then take a deep breath. Don’t make any decision about what you heard about that other person, until you can come to absolute accuracy through non-judgement and attachment to your ego, through your own volition. Dare to take a lens to how quickly negativity spreads like wildfire. Why? Our world sadly, is quicker to judge negatively and blame others through fear, instead of choosing love and positivity.

Your bliss, peace, clarity, success in all areas of your life, and your improved physical and emotional health is in your hands in each moment. You are powerful. Use your power very carefully. Choose forgiveness, compassion, and patience, then begin to enjoy an ease of flow and joy in your life. It takes courage and greater focus in the beginning, but decide to choose and stand for the good, for the reality in the truth. The rewards? You get to enjoy the powerful, beautiful and positive shift that follows your new way of living and being.  You get to live in unconditional love because you are that.