Good Morning Power Women and Men!

The Fall 2019 Power Women Power Secrets Edition is LIVE! Wow! We did it! We had to FIGHT for this issue. I want to take a moment to encourage you. The dreams that are in your heart when challenges, opposition, hurdles, show up, don’t give up, and don’t quit-push harder! Push until what you see in your heart becomes a reality! We pushed and pushed for you and this edition. We have done it! Power Women Power Secrets is HERE! Power Women keep taking your rightful place at the table.   

To all the Power Men, thank you for your support.

We will have the magazine posted on the Small Business Concierge website this week, until then share with your network. We will send you an e-tear of your article. We have hired a social media college student that will be working on circulating the magazine and building our ISSUU followers.

We are reaching readers!

  1. We receive over 21,800 impressions and about 13% reads. Our goal was to get 10% reads. Our next goal is 20% help us continue to reach an audience that should know who you are.
  2. 81% are reading from their desktops
  3. 57% are reading on Issuu
  4. 43% are reading on the Small Business Concierge website

Watch for our YouTube videos on how to leverage a mass-media platform to build your brand to encourage end-goal results. PLEASE DO NOT auto-pilot your ADVERTISING and MARKETING it will not yield high results. Remember, you have to be PRO-ACTIVE with working your ADVERTISING and MARKETING. We have given you a vehicle now you have to drive it and showcase it to your market.


BTW, the magazine is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!