More often than not, you’ve had the thoughts, “What is my life?” “Why am I normal today, then one that hits me like a ton of bricks?” Why is it possible to start my day off feeling positive then get hit by anger, hurt, fear and negativity?”

In some ways, knowing that everything in creation faces the same ups and downs to a degree, brings us a sense of connection. But I’m not talking just surface things. There is a fine line of avoiding, diverting and blaming instead of facing a deeper truth within. In order to move past obstacles in either career, relationships and everything in between, these things that seem to trip you up time and time again, let’s begin with taking a healthy step backwards.

There is a gift in all of this! The gift is to recognize while knee deep in our challenges, that once a greater level of awareness is gained, there’s the opportunity to alter behavior so that healing and forgiveness can take root. It begins first with you. Take a moment and be quiet. Take a couple big, deep breaths. Look within. This is an intimate moment with self. What patterns repeat for you the most? Now choose one. Stick on that. Now enjoy this teaching…

“Your life is ok. If you have a problem with somebody, sit with them, talk very openly, friendly. You think she is the problem. Maybe you’re the big problem and you’re throwing it on somebody else. You’re blaming on somebody but majorly, you have the problem, but throwing it on somebody else. You’re not recognizing what problem you’re having. That, you need to openly accept. Bring that out. You’re happy with everybody else but one person? You need to check yourself and ask the help to dissolve that where you really got stuck. Then, you have no problem. Then, your life will become very smooth, peaceful, happy.”

There’s no victory in blaming others. There’s no peace in negative self judgement. There’s no happiness in holding anger and resentment. It takes being brutally honest with yourself, loving yourself, and the friction created from the desire to change, in order to truly evolve.

This life is not to be taken for granted. Our life is precious, and it is delicate. There is such bliss, light, freedom and greatness hidden in you. How to access all of this? Spending time in nature, in silence-off all electronics, and in meditation works to heal heartbreak, fear and perceived limitations. You are a sovereign being with great capacity and free will. What choices will you make? What do you wish to create? When you combine an open heart, with Source/God/Creation, and with meditation, the SKY is the limit!