Which came first-the chicken or the egg? Similarly in the deeper truth and spiritual teachings, it’s been proven that in order to arrive at true peace, it takes a few initial steps before it all falls into place. These steps, designed as a personal process brings success on all levels. A little time investment with a practice that results in a win-win? Yes!

But before you get started, please understand a few basic principles:

1) Everything great takes time, focus, consistency and discipline.

If you struggle with one or all of these traits, meditation will help these positive qualities to grow in you. I know it seems a little backwards, but trust me, it works.

2) In order to manifest the positive, you need to let go of the negative.

If you are shaking your head right now in overwhelm and disbelief that letting go of fear and negativity is possible, I’m here to let you know is IS possible, and it can happen much faster and easier than you may think. An immense amount of positive will flow back to you once you are able to forgive, not only yourself but others as well.

3) Take personal inventory of your life, environment and frequency.

Please forgive the use of the term ‘frequency’ as it can come across as too “new age-y”, but think about this for a minute. This entire everything of all that is everything is made up of light and vibration, or frequency. You become the energies you take in on all levels. Your thoughts, actions, and intentions hold energy. The people in your life, the foods you eat, the surroundings in your home and office, your friends and relationships, and the music and television shows you listen to and watch hold a vibration. Are these frequencies positive and inspiring and do they leave you with a good feeling? Do they open your heart? Do you feel love or fear within your heart and body from what you are ingesting? Slow down and just pay attention to how you feel. Are you breathing in a relaxed way from this closer look into your life, or is your gut in a knot? Become vigilant for the betterment of your life and your loved ones. You matter and your vibration matters.

In order for true, lasting peace, ease of flow and clarity to manifest, I always recommend the soul medicine of silent meditation with mantra. Silent, inward mantra meditation will kick out the fear, dis-ease, and negativity, and at the same time will work on you to the level of the soul. This will be because there’s a newfound strength building in your soul from meditation, and this brings improved health and emotional well being. Automatically what begins to grow in you is what you truly desire and intend. You see the difference? Now you have the ability and capacity to manifest from a whole new place! It’s ancient technology of the soul at it’s best. Mantra meditation along with tapping into the silence brings the ability to shut down the noise and chaos of life and of the mind. This brings peace because you cease chasing and seeking and searching outwardly and you begin to harness the reconnection of Source that has always been there, just not accessed. And from peace, all true success of real value will flow. It’s that easy…