What gifts do you already possess? Has anyone told you you are spiritually perfect? Is it just the rare few that have clear psychic, intuitive abilities, and if so, why them and not you? Do you pay heed to your gut’s reactions to people, situations and happenings in life, or do you doubt, then face yet another setback?

In today’s world, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is a lot of distraction, noise and too much to divert you from your goals, from your peace, and ultimate overall success. Are you your own wolf in a costume? How did you arrive at this place? What story have you told yourself that has taken precedence and away from being authentic, confident and inspired?

Clarity. The C-word. It’s fantastic when you have it! It feels great, and it makes you feel alive. Yet, how do you know you have arrived at true clarity? How do you know you’re making the right decisions about just about everything? Have you heard the saying, “others opinions about me do not define me.” Unfortunately greater humanity has gotten so far away from the authentic, pure being we came into this world to be, so many have arrived at a new comfort zone, hanging there in a daze. It’s one you want to vacate as soon as possible! It’s one thing to ask a very close friend or mentor when you are looking for guidance or confirmation about something. It is something all together different when humanity seeks answers, validation and direction all the time from all other (un)reliable sources, other than ourself.

After being in private practice for over two decades, and in working with professional athletes to executives, corporate leaders to young-and-upcoming ones, I typically get the same reaction when I say that I continuously adhere to up-leveling myself. But here’s where it gets interesting-no one has asked me what that is for me. No one has asked me how.

Personally, and after many years of study and practice mixed with personal experience, I believe there is no top of the mountain or finish lines. Although there is no ‘perfect’, there are limitless resources available that each of us came equipped with in our life. Other people’s reflection of me is not my reality. That took some work to arrive at that truth. I had the unparalleled experience of studying directly with a revered and adept spiritual master and saint, so I approach life and all it’s glory and illusion with a different lens. That’s what I offer my students and clients today, by the grace and hard work of the knowledge and time tested practices; a whole new recipe and approach of bridging East and West.

Although there are many books, seminars and apps to access in and around mindfulness, if you have no map to know what is true or not, you continue to waste your time, motivation and resources, which present again, an unwanted result. Marcie Anderson Mastery, and The School of Mastery offer ancient information, tools and practices that the world will very soon embrace. It is written. Is this my knowledge? No. It was never intended for one person or an elite select few to hoard. It is here now and back on the planet. It is the missing piece, outside of the limitless power of unconditional love, that was needed. Not one divine soul, spiritual master or saint had one; love and knowledge of creation, both are necessary. None of us came into this life to live halfway. None of us came in to live in fear, stress and anxiety, yet the majority of humanity accepts this as normal. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to take the blinders off.

I invite you to break away from that tired and draining reality, and step into living a life that has been beating away in the depths of your heart. Life is now. Let’s do this!