“Marcie has inspired me on so many levels. I find myself connecting to inner strength and vision while also deepening my connection to the Divine. She has led me to gaining greater awareness of the forces around me that are guiding me daily. Marcie has opened my eyes and my soul. Thank you Marcie and God Bless You for your important work!”

— Valerie Carter, Founder, GraceSigns

“Marcie is an amazing teacher and spiritual guide. She has helped me take my meditation practice from crawling to truly SOARING. In my private session work with her I have learned so much and feel more deeply connected to God and my own spirituality than I did within the context of a formalized religion. Thank you!”

— Lanae St.John, DHS, ACS, The MamaSutra

“Marcie is the real thing! The healing work she practices, teaches and shares is transcendent and transformative. Her passion and commitment as a teacher/guide is a gift I am truly grateful for.”

— Danielle Mosse

“Marcie Anderson has an exceptional and uncommon blend of skills and talents: she is a deep spiritual practitioner, a gifted and profound teacher of meditation and of ancient wisdom. Marcie is a talented yoga instructor and terrific personal trainer, and perhaps most importantly, an awesome, down-to-earth, fully embodied woman. I have had the privilege to know Marciein all of these capacities and can recommend her with full confidence, admiration and the deepest respect for the inspirational model she is for others. Insightful, clear, deep, authentic, witty, and fun, the essence of what I would say about Marcie is: find a way to work with her. Your life could be profoundly changed.”

— Bruce Cryer, former CEO, HeartMath, co-CEO, Wholelife.com, author, mentor, performer

“I have always known that I had a purpose and a connection to the Divine. However, under the tutelage of Marcie, I have undergone a level of expansion, growth, personal transformation and heart opening that has enabled me to hone my purpose, strengthen my soul and facilitate a deeper knowing of the Divine. Marcie has taught me the benefits of meditation and the Five Element Process mantras so that I can continue to strengthen my soul and be in service to my highest soul’s purpose.

Marcie is a unique teacher combining her expansive knowledge, integrity and soulful life alignment with a sense of simplicity, humor and unwavering desire to heal and create healers. In her presence I experience jolts of inspiration, high octane joy and a deep feeling of gratitude.
Deeply blessed to have Marcie as my teacher and happy to share my experience.”

— Gina DeVito

“Marcie is such an incredible healer and teacher. I am so thankful that through our sessions together she was able to teach me to be in the moment and to be able to meditate. It is such a gift to feel more connected! Marcie certainly has given me a lifelong gift of being more at peace through this practice. Thanks again Marcie for your awesome work as such a knowledgeable healer!”

— Cheryl Bacchi

“Marcie uses an intensity in purpose to hone in on what you came to her for. Whether it be addiction, depression, or any other issue you have, she facilitates where you need to go. If you come to Marcie with an open heart and a willingness to heal- she acts efficiently, manipulating elements around us and in us. And she freely admits, she is acting with you and with nature and with God. She doesn’t do it alone.”

— Bruce Anderson

“Marcie guides me along the path of true clearing, propelling me forward, out of my own way and ego, streamlining my actions towards God’s intended purpose. It’s intoxicatingly addicting!”

— A. Frans