If I could see a show of hands of the number of people who have stress, anxiety and fear ruling their lives, I’m quite confident there would be a sea full raised high. In these turbulent times, with the multiple happenings global wide, that may make you feel the world is off it’s rails and can cause even those with somewhat of a level of peace to sweat. I get it. 

So, what is there to DO about it? 

For some, they go down the wrong road. They dive deeper into their blocks, causing even more negativity and karmas they will inevitably face almost in real time. For instance, if your overriding block is anger, and it continues to get the best of you, you may not only cause damage in another or many, it is also causing you self inflicted damage in the form of ill health, strain on your career and loving relationships harshly. 

Instead of going to the default of what you know-that you know is not good for you or others-your blocks, choose differently. But herein lies the rub. If you’ve known nothing else, how do you switch it up so that accessing tools and practices that are ultimately positive, powerful and effective, is possible? Where do you even look for such ancient, time-tested techniques of the soul and higher consciousness? 

Enter the reality that these bodies of teachings and meditation techniques are again on the planet and anyone ready to pull the wool off their own eyes and out of their ears, can access. 

Are you practicing meditation daily? Where are  you seeking your mantras? What knowledge do you have to practice that supports and heightens your meditation? Are you personally experiencing feeling better, more connected to The Divine? Depending upon your answers to these questions, you can gauge where you are on your spiritual path. If you are wandering in the desert, feeling lost and are not having personal experiences of higher intuition and awareness, and for the majority of humanity you very well may be feeling this way, what are you going to change in order to advance the way you want? 

It is your birthright to know who you are, why you are here, and what this life really means. If I can add something here that is highly important-stop seeking and searching for band aids when you can access and implement the higher channels of creation, and all from the comfort of your beanbag chair on your back porch. Life is short. There are opportunities that present themselves, and it is up to you to grab them or not. Have you ever heard the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  It’s true. If you’ve got a burning in your heart and a frustration level that’s at it’s peak, know that what you seek is already here. It’s up to you to move to the event that will free you from confusion, feeling lost or hopeless, feeling physically ill, and having fear run your life. Be the Momma Tiger (or Father Tiger) that you are for your loved ones…then turn that energy onto yourself and make it happen-the shift to higher consciousness. It’s now. The bus is gassed up and waiting at your front door. It’s up to you to get it.