When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This was true for me and when my teacher did appear, it was an experience of a combination of sheer joy meets one of digging my heels in and not wanting to face my ‘stuff.’ I had been calling in a true master and teacher for more than twenty-three years. When I met my teacher I KNEW it, I KNEW him and I KNEW this was not a “hurry up and wait” opportunity. For me, my 15 years of practice, study and personal experience went quickly from putting my big toe in, to diving to the deepest depths of the ocean in a blink of an eye, and then all over again. And again. And again. 

I speak of my journey and lay it out to the reader in my book, “Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People,” sharing both my complete vulnerability and the moments where things began to click and fall into place. Isn’t it true that those who are most qualified and the experts in their field, have traveled the not so easy path to victory? I wouldn’t have had it any other way! 

I grew up a leader and most people, peers, friends and family, even in the moments when inside I didn’t feel like I was one, treated me as a strong, determined leader. Sometimes I felt like the pied piper, looking back at all the people (mice) following me, then having the thought, “where in the heck am I going?” I have always had a strong sense of confidence and leadership, and for the most part, it was this inner fire and passion for truth that propelled me through social situations, competitive sports, employment interviews, etc. But what did I do when I did not feel like a leader? What did I turn to when I felt unsure of myself and was in the throes of seeking guidance and direction? My lightening bolt in these situations was ALWAYS that the guidance was inside of me, it was the inner connection to something much greater than I, and I knew I wanted that connection to become stronger. But how? They don’t teach you these things in school…but NOW such timeless practices and ancient knowledge is available. 

Throughout my many years in private practice, I’ve had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, high level executives, companies coming together to brainstorm marketing and vision goals, local level faculty and administration for grade schools, high schools and trade schools alike. Whether I was given the opportunity to teach Indian local employees at Yahoo Yoga & Meditation to release tension and stress, while I was living and practicing in India, or I was working via electronic platform from the states to European executives abroad, who were looking to break through patterned thinking and low ceilings, I accepted every opportunity with full on enthusiasm. I believe wholeheartedly, if there is a problem, there is already a solution. Most people hyper focus on the problem and that’s where they get stuck. And from there, the self perpetuating frustration of feeling stuck begins to affect everything; your ability to be inspired and positive, your business and personal relationships, how you walk, talk and carry yourself, and your personal habits. Remember, there is no separation between the ‘work you’ and the ‘home/personal life you.’

So let’s scoot our chairs closer together and talk about what leadership means to you. What frustrates you and why? What do you know, what can you feel inside of you that you want released? Does fear run your life? Why have you allowed fear to overtake you? Do you get psyched to begin something new or push yourself beyond what feels like a block, but at the last minute, bail out and agree to stay where you’re at? Do you doubt your intuition? Why? Are you in touch with your intuition, notice it, but ignore it? It all comes down to what you want and why. You’ve got 2 choices; love or fear. There are no gray areas. What do you choose? 

Have I faced times in working with clients who did not get me and who appeared ready to work together but on a dime, changed their minds and bailed? Yes. That never feels good, but it happens. And have I worked with clients who at first were reluctant and not all in, but quickly had a spark and epiphany of awareness and empowerment and not only reached their goals but surpassed them? Heck yes! The good far outweighs the bad. In fact, if I am completely honest, there is no such thing; good and bad. There is truth and untruth. There is light and there is darkness. 

I do not offer The School of Mastery to those toying around with wanting to change, grow or challenge themselves. Lukewarm never wins it. I pride myself on personal relationships. Will I get involved on a personal level and learn about what makes you tick? Yes. And will you completely transform because of it? YES! I come from a place of neutrality, unconditional love and non-judgement. I hold space for you and allow you to step into your unknown level of being. I don’t work with everyone who wishes to work with me. I don’t wish to waste my time and vice versa. As a true leader, teacher and master I challenge myself daily. Daily. There is no finish line yet there are potential massive victories and the opportunity for such a rich and full life! 

It’s time to create a new history through a new victory. It is impossible to create the change you wish, when you are stuck in the past, or in lack of forgiveness, or in a feeling of wanting revenge over another. You cannot receive with fists clenched. The tools of creation are available. The pure, non-polluted knowledge is available. The choice is yours. You can move above and beyond the personal blocks and obstacles you face currently, or not. Life is short, make it sweet.