We are bombarded daily with fear to some degree. We can’t escape it. When did this become the new norm? How can you rid your life of fear?

Well, I’ve got the answer. And no, I’m not going to just tell you, “be positive!” But I do want to impart the importance of getting your energy and vibration in the best place possible, and that does have to do with positivity and gratitude.

After studying, living and practicing the ancient Vedic knowledge and meditation techniques of the soul, while in India with my teacher for more than a decade, I am confident to share this teaching. Why is it that your intentions are strong, clear and determined, yet what seems to manifest in your life is not what you wanted? Where did things take a turn? Has it made you begin to question or doubt yourself? You’re not alone.

In the words of my teacher, enjoy this divine drop and guidance:

 “You are the guys to bring up the light and make the awareness of the Divine- the ancient information, the evidence. Practice it, let others practice, then you can see the results.
You have to think what you believe. From what angle have you seen? That is important! Somebody’s opinion doesn’t help. Start the day with positive, lead the day with positive, end the day with positive, sleep the night with positive, wake up with positive. 

Every person has good qualities, and negative. Try to always take the positive, then your life will be positive! If you keep focusing on the negative, your life will turn as a negative. That’s a very, very, very bad disease. Once if you start a doubting nature on yourself and others, any angle, that will ruin your life.”

Are you at a point in your life that you don’t trust your own intuition? I was there once. For me, this was a huge red flag. Where did I go, what happened to me and my willpower?

To study with my teacher for close to fifteen years, was a Godsend, literally. When I met him in 1999 in Los Angeles, I was at a point in my life where I knew I wanted something different, I just didn’t see the path to walk, in order for that reality to manifest. Also I was in sheer survival mode, run by competition and fear. In my heart, I knew I wanted to serve humanity, support others towards empowerment and enlightenment. That truth is reinforced to this day, with the exception of now I see the path clearly. I’m on the path! That is a feeling and reality that brings such peace, satisfaction and joy!

Many self help type books preach the fact that humanity is lost, broken, scattered. To some degree I see this, but I disagree with the broken part. Life can get confusing. Life can present challenges-it will present challenges! Hello?! It’s how you approach life that shapes everything, and everything begins with a thought. When your thoughts are based in love, ease of flow, positive energy and gratitude, you’re on the right path.

Although what I learned while in India with my teacher, and with all that I ambassador now to share and teach my students and clients, is the highest level of in-depth ancient spiritual knowledge, a majority of the foundation of these processes and meditations are simple, to the point and practical. There is a process, there is a path to clarity that humanity
needs, craves, in order to reconnect with Source, with your inherent knowing. Allow me to guide you to a reality that already lies within you so that you may taste the sweetness of the life you’ve always wanted. You’ve got all the bells and whistles, you just need a conductor.