Throughout history there have been numerous times of uncertainty, such as war, famine, disease, natural disasters and economic instability.  Time is a cycle and there are adverse cycles to particular situations and challenges. This time right now is not different. Wow, Marcie, thank you for stating the obvious…

The ability to rise above and go beyond what’s in front of you in this very moment lies in your ability to awaken, to see above the clouds. How is this awakening and massive positive shift supposed to occur?  By you choosing differently than you have up until this precise moment in time.

“If you’re not hurting anybody, if you’re not damaging somebody’s feelings, you’re always in dignity.” This is one of my favorite quotes from my teacher of over 15 years-I’ve read it and re-read it many times. What does it mean to you? Do me a kindness and read it again, this time slowly. Now turn the quote inwards upon yourself. What do you believe, think, hook into energetically, whether it be energy, thoughts, spoken word, or actions? Do you know your own thoughts over someone else’s? Do you believe more quickly in the negative-based gossip or news, than receiving information in a neutral manner? Are you seeing any judgement in your listening and receiving? Do you have a habit of choosing fear and worry over love, compassion and peace? Can you still feel the light of your inner dignity?

More often than not, it is through trials and tribulations that we individually and collectively are given such a profound gift! We are being “re-set” by Source, Creation, The Cosmic, God and we get, when we allow, to let go and trust in receiving. We receive a re-boot to ourself, our jobs, our family, our relationships, our community and our world. But when we dig in, brace ourselves with fear, worry, micro-planning, tightly focused on how to get out ahead of this whatever-it-is-this-time, we miss completely the opportunity to graduate, evolve and expand.

So how do you get out ahead of it, how do you change fear and anxiety into peace, calm and well-being? You start. You try. You do it now. You cease blaming everyone and everything. You slow down. You breathe. You smile. Shift your focus each and every moment that you’re aware you need to, even if it’s for 7 seconds, 12 seconds, 3 minutes. Shift to anything that makes you feel good! Start small (even though there is no big or small), and positive momentum will build. It has to…it’s cosmic law. Use your imagination. ‘But Marcie, I’m an adult, I’ve got responsibilities, I’ve got to set my alarm and pay bills…there’s no time for imagination.’ I politely disagree. Imagination is the doorway to meditation, and meditation is the engine that generates all your desires. So…dive into your imagination and then feel with all your being, the exhilaration and excitement that your imaginings bring. That my friends is the key to the shift your desire in ALL areas of your life including your spiritual desires for enlightenment, etc.

Meditation with mantra is the best medication for your body, mind, heart, soul and consciousness. Meditation works on your entire well-being-ness. Period. Meditation increases your soul energy and power, as well as purifies your mind, body, soul and heart from the blocks and knocks life has brought along your path. Why is this important? Why does having your soul become stronger matter? When your soul, much like your internal battery, is charged, is strong and powerful, the ability for lower vibrational energies such as fear, anger, possessiveness, greed, and worry are weakened. Their negative effects on you begin to diminish. Nice, huh?

Ok, you don’t feel good, so go meditate. You meditate then you feel good. Feeling good generates and attracts more of the same feeling good energy to you. You, by meditating and connecting to Source, God, Creation, are waking up through going into the silence in order to unveil and ‘hear’ who you truly are. When you know who you are, your entire focus of awareness shifts. That experience you can’t buy, but it’s within your grasp to experience and you can have this experience everyday! When you begin to have the experience of your focus being shifted, you begin to feel a re-connection to your higher self, or your ‘better half’, as I put it.

Uncertainty breeds unity. First allow yourself to re-tune, re-align again and to gain unity consciousness. By you changing, allowing the growth and evolution of this life to happen, your positive shift affects everyone and everything in creation.  Not bad for a day’s work…