A valid question, confusion and concern. Agreed. If you are a true spiritual seeker then you require a skilled and vetted guru/teacher. Every great master, spiritual adept and teacher who left a positive imprint on humanity has had a guru- Buddha, Jesus Christ, Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Mother Mary, etc. Each one. No exceptions.

If you fancy a dream catcher on your rear view mirror and have a tattoo of a dolphin then you do not require a true adept spiritual teacher. You are a Bhakti. That’s great! No harm, no foul. Do good, be good. The world needs you! Keep spreading glitter and awesomeness!

There are many different levels to seeking a spiritual path. There are a lot of charlatans out there-light being cast as dark, and dark being lifted up as light. Be careful. But if you ARE ready to dive deep, to awaken what God already has blessed you with at birth, which is limitless, then you deserve a teacher who can guide you from point A to Z without delay, confusion or by guess.

If you are a solo spiritual type and have been overturning many rocks to find the pure knowledge and truth, non-polluted, then you need at least the right information to provide the frame work so that you can decide if you want to stay at the base of the mountain or if you want to climb as high as is possible for your soul, this lifetime. The sky is the limit! Here are some suggestions of books to delve into, and if you read them you will know what direction is right for you. I suggest to read:

The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by Sri Kaleshwar Swami

The Second Coming of Christ, Yogananda Paramhamsa (2 volume set)

Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People, Marcie Anderson (Amazon)

Think on These Things, J. Krishnamurthi

These are a starting point…there are many more

Dive in deep. Don’t play around. If the real thirst for spiritual awakening into your higher consciousness is afoot, pay attention. Don’t waste your time. Who knows the time anyway? Don’t you find it interesting that when you are really on to something, people come out of the woodwork to confuse you, divert you and to give you advice based on nothing substantial. That alone should be a sign you’re onto something great!

After living and practicing with my teacher for more than 15 years in this lifetime, and spending 10 of those years in India completely dedicated and removed from Western life and schedules, in order to immerse myself in the pure, unparalleled teachings of the ancient Rishis and Maharishis of India, I experienced the unattainable. But now it can be attained by you now, with the right guidance. All you need is the right map, then the trajectory is yours, based ob your soul capacity.

Whether you choose to work with me through one-on-one sessions or by unleveling through The School of Mastery, make sure that person has attained certain levels and is clear on his or her own roadmap to Enlightenment and beyond. This life is special, a gift, and it is short. Don’t trust the time. So short. What is holding you back from discovering all that is within you? Do you think you need to live with the challenges you face daily? In a reality where people have the attention span of a fruit fly, and choose negativity over kindness and love, make a decision to bring in a practice that offers clarity, peace, silence and bliss. Anything that creates more noise, more fear, anxiety and a lack of clarity, run away. You don’t know what you don’t know, but if you have burning questions about life, this creation, what the purpose of life really is, follow that urge, it’s coming from your soul. Life is now.